Lawn Fertilizing and Weed Control – Minneapolis Metro Area, MN

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Lawn Fertilization Service Minneapolis Every Minneapolis and suburban lawn needs fertilizing and weed control to look its best and maintain a lush, thick turf. The exact needs depend on grass type, soil type, and many other factors. Only a qualified specialist can properly advise you on the best combination of fertilization and weed control for your lawn. As the Twin Cities metro area’s most knowledgeable lawn care company, our 30+ years of experience in Minnesota means that we’ve worked with every combination of conditions and know exactly what treatments will yield the best results. You may not need all of the seasonal services listed below, but we will suggest the right combination for your needs:

  • Early Spring Pre-Emergent Weed Control and Fertilization – By controlling weeds before they even sprout and applying the ideal fertilizer in early spring, your lawn gets a great start from the beginning of the growing season. This service is a must for almost all Minnesota lawns.
  • Mid Spring Weed Treatment and Fertilization – This additional service controls late-sprouting grassy weeds and broad-leafed species and gives your lawn a second feeding to promote lush growth. Depending on the unique conditions at your property, this application may be ideal for your turf.
  • Summer Turf Building and Weed Control – In the summer, grass reaches its peak growth rate. So do weeds. This treatment supports that growth in the heat of summer and knocks out broadleaf weeds. Keeping your lawn beautiful during he heat of summer is a high priority.
  • Early Fall Weed Control and Fertilization – Your lawn is still actively growing in early fall, and summer ripening weed seeds have a chance to take hold. This treatment adds nutrients to your grass and knocks out late-sprouting weeds.
  • Late Fall Nitrogen Boost Fertilization and Weed Control – Winter is rapidly approaching. This application promotes healthy late growth before the grass goes dormant, preparing your landscape for its final mowings and winter dormancy. Weed control treatment now can stop dandelions in their tracks next spring. How your turf looks in the spring can depend on this treatment.

Not every lawn requires five fertilizer and weed control applications. In addition, each lawn type and soil type needs a different application rate and fertilizer mix. Only a lawncare company with extensive experience can help you select the perfect treatments. You can rely on us to choose an ideal service plan that will provide you with a healthy, luxurious, and beautiful lawn. When you trust your yard to our proven expertise, you will be assured of its best possible appearance.

For over 30 years, we have been serving homeowners in Minneapolis and its surrounding suburbs, from Plymouth and Golden Valley to Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park, and from Edina and Eden Prairie to Wayzata and Minnetonka.

How Much Does Weed Control and Fertilization Cost?

Fertilization and weed control applications are priced separately from our regularly weekly mowing service, but are included in our complete lawn care service plans. Depending on the size of your lawn and the number of applications needed, the price for these services vary. We’ll give you an affordable price quote that ensures that you get just the fertilization and weed control you need. Our cost for these services is among the lowest in the area. There’s no need to pay more for the very best looking lawn in your neighborhood. Let us recommend a schedule that is a perfect match for your turf. You can decide what’s best for your home and budget.

Environmentally and Safety Conscious Treatment

In Minnesota, state law prohibits the general use of fertilizers that contain phosphorus. This prevents water that runs off properties from causing algae blooms in our many lakes, streams and ponds. In addition, lakeshore homes require special consideration for fertilizing and weed control to avoid damaging lake plants and aquatic animals. Our company uses only approved, environmentally safe products and offer a full line of natural organic fertilizers. We treat the environment with the deep respect it deserves. The safety of your family and pets is also an important consideration for us. All products we use are safe for residential lawns and for your pets and family when used as directed.

Trusted Minneapolis Suburban Community Lawn Care Professionals

Your residential or commercial lawn is unique. No “one-size-fits-all” fertilization and weed control regimen is suitable for every situation. Rely on our experience and expertise to create a customized mowing and treatment plan for your particular landscaping. We’ll never suggest unnecessary fertilization and weed control applications, use any harmful products, or lock you into a risky “spray-and-go” contract. We build long-term relationships with our customers in a partnership that assures them of the beautiful yards they want and deserve. Call us now for a free, no-obligation lawn evaluation, and let us create a customized plan for your lawn’s total maintenance.