Outstanding Lawn Care Services in Suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota

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  • Power-raking to remove debris for healthy grass growth.
  • Yard cleanup service for spring and fall.
  • Lawn aeration to loosen compact soil for more air, water and fertilizer.

Lawn Care Mowing Service Twin Cities As a full-service turf care company, our services are designed with just one goal in mind – maintaining beautiful, well-groomed, luxurious outdoor spaces for our customers. Our 30+ years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and dedication to excellence mean that we’ll help you achieve and maintain a lush lawn that is probably mowed and free of weeds. Rely on our affordable, regularly scheduled services and you’ll spend less of your free time working on your yard. Forget all the hard work and expensive equipment. Our professional lawn care services let you spend your time enjoying your property with your family and friends.

When you hire us, you can simply relax, let us take care of maintenance chores, and enjoy your outdoor living spaces without all the hassles of maintaining them yourself. We provide affordable, complete service to all Minneapolis suburban cities, from Edina to Plymouth, from Eden Prairie to Wayzata, and from Minnetonka to Coon Rapids. At the links below, you’ll learn more about all of the services we offer our customers:

  • Scheduled Weekly Mowing Service

    Lawn Mowing Service Minneapolis MN We’ll mow your turf, trim around landscaping features, carefully edge your lawn, and blow all debris off walks and driveways on a regular schedule. Our extended experience and professional equipment lets us get the work done efficiently to save money for you. You’ll be surprised at how little it costs to keep your property looking its best at all times. Our pride in our work is obvious to every customer.

  • Scheduled Fertilization Services

    Fertilizer Applications Every lawn needs fertilizing during the growing season to look its best. Proper feeding requires experience and professional training. Since each property and soil type is unique, no single fertilizer or schedule can suit your needs. Let us create a plan for keeping your green spaces lush and inviting, in conjunction with regular mowing. We’ll work with you to provide affordable fertilizing schedules and we can supply all-natural organic fertilizer applications.

  • Weed Control Services

    Weed Control From dandelions in the spring to crab grass, creeping charlie and other noxious plants throughout the growing season, weeds can ruin the appearance of your yard. Keeping your lawn weed-free is a constant battle. Our experienced, top-rated lawn service company has the know-how and experience to keep your grass healthy. We’ll use approved, environmentally safe materials, always applied correctly.

  • Spring and Fall Yard Cleanups

    Fall Yard Cleanups MN We clean up after the winter snows in the spring for our customers. In the fall, we’ll remove leaves and debris to prepare for winter and help your lawn survive the cold season. These crucial services help keep your property in great shape year-round and save you the backbreaking work. Many homeowners have found that they can get all these time-consuming chores down at highly affordable rates.

  • Power Raking and Aeration

    Lawn Aeration Twin Cities A healthy lawn requires a wide range of services, including dethatching, aeration and more. Most property owners cannot easily handle these tasks themselves, since they require specialized equipment. We have the tools and experience needed for all seasonal requirements. We will perform these crucial services at low cost for our valued customers to keep your lawn healthy and growing strong.

  • Sod Installation and Over-Seeding Repair

    Sod Installation Over Seeding We can create an entire lawn with quality sod or over-seed damaged areas to restore your home’s outdoor beauty. Our turf repair experts understand the unique requirements and grass types needed for even the most difficult conditions. Don’t settle for less than a beautiful yard. Call us for all of your lawn care needs as an addition to our low-cost mowing plans.

  • Commercial Lawn Mowing Services

    Minnesota Commercial Lawn Mowing Service If you own commercial property in the Twin Cities, you can rely on our proven team to provide regularly scheduled lawn maintenance for that property. Whether it’s an office building, a medical clinic, an apartment building, or a common area for a condominium or townhome development, we provide top-quality service and maintenance for lawns and landscaping. If you want more than lowest-bidder services, contact us for a quote.

Our regular customers tell us that our team has made a huge difference in the beauty of their properties. They’re finding new pride in their homes and hearing the compliments of their neighbors and guests. They say that they wish they’d hired us earlier to provide the regular mowing and lawncare services.

Twin Cities Reliable and Professional Lawn Care Service

Our company is fully licensed and carries complete liability and workman’s compensation insurance. We use only environmentally approved materials and techniques in our work. You can count on our dedicated turf and landscaping team to keep your Minneapolis St. Paul area lawn looking its best. Our courteous and neatly dressed crews will always arrive on time to maintain your yard. Our equipment will always be well maintained, and as quiet as possible. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to mow your lawn as scheduled. Then, before we leave, we’ll make sure all debris is thoroughly cleaned away, leaving walks and driveways neatly edged and blown clean.

You deserve a beautiful lawn. Our highly rated company will be glad to work with you to achieve that goal. Our long experience in landscape maintenance is your assurance that we will give you the expert and trusted service you should expect. Contact us today for a free evaluation and annual lawncare proposal. We’d love to add you to our long and growing list of satisfied customers.