Spring and Fall Yard Cleanups – Minneapolis, MN

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Spring Fall Lawn Clean-Ups Winter in Minnesota is both a joy and a curse. While we all enjoy the beauty of winter snows and cope with the problems the cold and ice brings, our yards can suffer if we don’t take care of necessary chores before and after the snow comes. As the most trusted lawn care and landscaping company in the Twin Cities, we’re ready to help our customers prepare for the winter season before snow falls and recover from winter’s damages in the spring. Rely on us to keep your outdoor spaces in great shape, no matter what the season is.

Regularly scheduled lawn mowing services do a great job of keeping your yard looking its best during the growing season. In the spring and fall, though, specialized services are needed to help your turf areas recover from winter’s tough conditions and prepare for upcoming cold months. These affordable additional services are the best way to ensure a great-looking yard throughout our beautiful spring and summer months. Below, you’ll find the basic information about yard cleanups by our well-trained, efficient crews. Click the links for even more information:

  • Spring Lawn Care and Yard Cleanups in Minneapolis

    Spring Lawn Care Twin Cities After the last spring blizzard and once the snow finally melts, it’s time to clean up. No matter how clean a yard looks in the fall, there’s always a mess in the spring. Squirrels have buried nuts and other food during the winter. Small branches and twigs have fallen from trees and plantings. Pets leave their debris on our lawns, too. Let our company take care of all that mess at an affordable rate and efficiently with:

    • Debris Removal – We’ll clean up all of the debris of winter from your yard and dispose of it for you. As soon as the ground has firmed up after the thaw, let us spruce things up.
    • Lawn Evaluation – We’ll take a close look at your lawn to determine if the harsh winter has created any new problems that need attention. We’ll consult with you about any problems, and will make expert recommendations.
    • Spring Lawn Treatments – Let our company advise you on fertilizing, weed control, or other services you should consider. We will only suggest services that are actually necessary for the health and beauty of your yard.
  • Twin Cities Fall Yard Cleanups and Lawn Service

    Fall Lawn Cleanups MN One of the worst problems every Minnesota homeowner faces in the fall is the seasonal shedding of leaves by trees, shrubs, and other plantings. Raking leaves and disposing of them can be a backbreaking, time-consuming chore, but it’s an important one for the health of your lawn and the beauty of your home. Let us handle:

    • Leaf Removal – Our crews will use blowers and power vacuums to remove, mulch, and dispose of leaf accumulations throughout your yard, once or more than once in the fall. This helps prevent damage to your lawn.
    • Garden Clearing – Garden areas die off in the fall. We can quickly and completely remove wilted, dead vegetation for a better appearance and easier regeneration in the springtime.
    • Pre-Winter Mowing – Before your lawn goes dormant for the winter, a final mowing at the ideal height is an important step for a quick recovery once the snow is gone.
    • Lawn Evaluation – We’ll check your lawn and recommend fall fertilization or treatments to prepare it for a rapid and lush re-growth during the next growing season.
    • Fall Fertilization and Weed Control – Feeding the grass in the fall and applying pre-emergent herbicides to stop spring weeds in their tracks is an important service we recommend.

Our full-service cleanups are available to our customers in all the Minneapolis suburbs, including Bloomington, Golden Valley, Minnetonka, Deephaven, Plymouth, Richfield, Mound, Minnetrista, Orono, Wayzata, Excelsior, Maple Grove, New Hope, Crystal, Brooklyn Park and all other Twin Cities western communities.

How Much Does Seasonal Yard Cleanup Cost?

As the most experienced turf and yard maintenance company in the Twin Cities, we know that proper seasonal landscape cleanup and other services are essential. Neglecting these chores can cause serious and costly problems. Cleanups and other tasks in the fall and spring are billed separately from your regular lawn maintenance plan. The cost is based on the size of your yard and the amount of work required. Our fees for spring and fall cleanups are highly competitive with other companies, but our quality service is superior. Give us a call for our lowest price bid for a cleanup that will protect your lawn and beautify your yard.

Trusted, Affordable Yard Cleanup Services – Twin Cities, MN

Call us early in the fall and spring to schedule the cleanup services you need. We’re experts at performing these services efficiently and correctly. Our prices are among the best in the area. As a regular lawn maintenance customer, you’ll get a great start for next year’s lawn or for winter protection. If you’re not already a regular customer, let us clean up your yard and you’ll see how our professional yard maintenance services make us the best choice to handle all of your turf care needs.