How Does Effective Weed Control Ensure a Beautiful Lawn?

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Weed Control Service Minneapolis Everyone who loves healthy, lush turf hates weeds. A lawn full of weeds is an eyesore. For most homeowners, who aren’t lawn experts, weed control can be a mystery. At our Twin Cities locally owned company, keeping your grass healthy is our specialty. We understand local weed species and how to eradicate or minimize them in your yard. As we know exactly what to look for, our mowing crews monitor the health of your grass during their weekly visits and will advise you when proper treatments are needed.

With the right fertilization and weed control applications, we help our customers achieve their goals. As you drive around your neighborhood in the Twin Cities, you can see the difference. The landscaping you admire the most is sure to be the result of ongoing care by professionals. The properties you see with lawns full of dandelions, crabgrass and other weeds got that way by being neglected over time. Here’s a guide to the most common weeds that pop up in Minneapolis suburbs:

  • Crabgrass Is the Most Common Weed Grass in Minnesota

    Crabgrass Treatment Crabgrasses, all species of Digitaria, come in many varieties, but all are unwanted in lawns. Coarse and invasive, crabgrass requires aggressive treatments to avoid making turf look coarse and uneven. By applying pre-emergent and crabgrass-specific herbicides in early spring, along with fertilization, we can help prevent these noxious grass species from taking over your beautiful grass. Large crabgrass and smooth crabgrass are the two most common species in the Minneapolis area.

  • Quackgrass Is Often Found in Twin Cities Lawns

    Quackgrass Treatment Growing in tall tufts and spread by underground rhizomes, quackgrass can be very invasive and disruptive to the appearance of any lawn. Once established, it can crowd out desirable turf grasses and is difficult to eradicate. With proper fertilization and timely application of environmentally safe herbicides, though, our experts can get this difficult grass under control. Encouraging healthy grown of desired grasses also helps control this summer weed pest.

  • Invasive Grass Species Need Specific Eradication Measures

    Creep Bentgrass Treatment While crabgrass and quackgrass are very common, a number of other species can also invade your yard. Creeping bentgrass, foxtails, rough bluegrass, yellow nutsedge and a variety of native prairie grasses can establish themselves in turf plantings. Each requires specific techniques for proper eradication. Our experience mowing crews will spot and identify these weeds and advise you on how we can get rid of them.

  • Dandelions Are Ubiquitous

    Dandelions Treatment While Early in the spring, yellow dandelion flowers appear, followed soon by their puffy seed heads, ready to spread this weed far and wide. A lawn full of dandelions is a sign of neglect. Regular fertilization and weed control applications by our lawncare experts, usually in the fall, can help keep your yard dandelion-free and a standout in your neighborhood. Since dandelion seeds are spread in the wind from neighboring properties, treatment must be done each year for best results.

  • Creeping Charlie Can Take Over Your Yard

    Treat Creeping Charlie While Also known as ground ivy, creeping Charlie is a member of the mint family, and is an exotic weed, introduced ages ago. Its spreading habit and lush growth can crowd out turf grasses, especially in shady or damp areas. Control can require multiple applications of a post-emergence herbicide, generally in the fall, as part of a fertilization and weed control plan. Our regular lawn care customers rely on our experience and expertise to handle this troublesome, invasive species.

  • Broad Plantain Can Ruin the Look of Your Lawn

    Broad Plantain Weed Control With its wide leaves and upright seed stalks, common broad plantain is a weed often seen in Minneapolis suburban lawns. It can quickly move into areas with thin grass cover and bare patches. As a broadleaf weed, it can be controlled with many post-emergence herbicides or by hand-pulling when only a few plants exist. As with all lawn weeds, we will spot this weed and help you get it under control during our regular fertilization and weed control applications.

  • Other Broad-Leaf Weeds We Help You Control

    Weed Control Burdock The weed types described above are just some of the undesirable plants that can invade your turf. We also commonly see common violet, burdock, thistles, common mallow, purslane, knotweed, and many other plants that can ruin the look of any lawn. Fortunately, a healthy lawn, properly fertilized and treated with pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides resists weed growth. If you want the best-looking grass on your block, our company is ready to help you reach your goal.

As a locally owned full-service lawn care company, we have extensive experience in keep your grass growing weed-free. We serve both residential and commercial properties in all the western suburban cities of Minneapolis, from New Hope and Osseo to Brooklyn Center and Maple Grove, and from Shakopee and Edina to Bloomington and Richfield.

We Help Maintain Lush, Weed-Free Lawns – the Twin Cities, MN

Do-it-yourself lawn care is time consuming and requires research and constant attention. Most busy homeowners in the Twin Cities simply don’t have the time to handle these chores. If you want your yard to reflect the pride you have in your home, at a great low cost that won’t break your budget, call our top-rated lawncare company. We’ll set up a weekly mowing plan for you and recommend a schedule for fertilizing and weed control. You’ll be assured of beautiful, rich turf without spending endless time trying to take care of it yourself. Call today for a free evaluation and affordable price quote from our Minneapolis suburban lawn experts.